Ávila Remembered, from The Search Project
Photographic C Print Mounted on Sintra – dimensions 45” x 20”

2765 images slideshow on an iPad, dimensions 11″ 5/16″ x 8″ 1/8″


A video slideshow of the first 2765 images that result in Google Images when the words Cerro El Ávila are searched.

The Avila Mountain is 2765 meters above sea level.


About The Search Project,

In The Search Project, I study identity and semantics, by creating a visual dictionary with an overall notion of a word defined by the collective. The project consists on using internet search engines to obtain all images associated with a particular word or name. The gathering of all these images, normally disassociated, generates a global, ever-changing web definition.

Ávila Remembered

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