Parting from the premise that communication is the basis of all relationships, my work is about the human experience in the era of technology and how we interact.

In Judgment Day, an iRobot vacuum cleaner roams wild and automatically fulfils its necessities (charging) as the soundtrack of the movie Terminator plays in the background. With this piece I took an object that people not longer question its significance and place it as the center piece of the debate on technology and its implications. By giving the iRobot “freedom,” the robot becomes almost like a pet, and makes the viewer question its very existence.

In Progress, an endless loop plays with our frustrations and sense of urgency as it continues to “progress” for eternity yet there is no “immediate satisfaction.” This piece deals with the current reality of “Now”, when people no longer have a second to reflect on things and expect responses to everything almost immediately.

Technology not only changes they way people interact; it is even changing the linguistics of the technological realms. In The Search Project, a study of identity and semantics, I am creating a visual dictionary of the 21st century; one determined by the collective notion of a word or name gathered from popular web search engines.  These collective definitions are unique and ever-changing, and the collective’s view on a particular idea is forever changing and universal.

iRelation is an audio piece from the iPod family. It is a product that offers a fit-in-your-pocket partner, with a distinct personality, that gives its owner companionship in modern days. iRelation is a comment on consumption in regards with human emotional needs.

The basic human needs are evidenced in True, as my subjects talk about their dreams, who they think they are and what they think they want, in an attempt to find meaning and love in popular dating websites. In True my subjects market themselves as best they can with the hopes of finding true love, and by doing so reveal an issue known only in modern times. For this project I have taken both images and text from popular dating websites.

In The Webcam Project one can se how the technology has the lure of no social restrains at the price of no physical possibilities, creating an overwhelming sexual tension in Webcam Communities throughout the web.

Vstream is an exploration of the Internet phenomena, the actuality of the medium, and some of its most relevant elements such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, etc.

The piece contains 432 videos presented on a simultaneous projection with 2 minutes 30 seconds duration, and which is meant to loop. Each video represents a day with a compression of one picture every minute taken by a webcam on my computer and uploaded to the web on real time.

With this project I aim to question the line between public and private, from a computer’s point of view, in an era when “Social Networks” such as Facebook and Myspace are universal platforms where its users willingly expose their lives.

The line between virtual and real is blurring more and more everyday, and with my work I attempt to explore and raise awareness to this unique phenomena of our times.

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